Wilson Golf Package Sets

Wilson Golf is one of the most respected golf set manufacturers today with over 90 years of experience in development and production of some of the best golf package sets. Most importantly, high quality and attention to detail is evidenced throughout all Wilson ranges from the cheapest such as the Wilson Stretch XL golf package set to top of the range Wilson Golf FatShaft V Package Set. Therefore, it is no surprise that Wilson golf package sets always will be a first choice for all golfers.



Wilson Golf Package Sets- Wilson Ultra TDX Golf Package Set


Combining great value, high-performance and good forgiveness in a comprehensive set, the Wilson Ultra TDX Complete Golf Package Set is a fantastic golf set that is aimed at beginners and mid handicappers. For men who are just starting out but good enough to last beyond the initial stages of development. and beyond.



Wilson Golf Package Sets- Wilson X31 MOI Golf Package Set


Wilson have really come up trumps for 2012 with the new Wilson X31 MOI Golf Package Set. If your first set of clubs is going to be a new one look no further than the Wilson X31, now in stock at www.thegolfstore4u.co.uk
It comes with Versatile Stylish Cart Bag or stand bag. The Mens set comes in all graphite or steel/graphite.


Wilson Golf Package Sets- Wilson Fatshaft V Golf Package Set


The Wilson Fatshaft package set, is Wilsons ultimate package set


The Wilson ProStaff Fat Shaft Iron set has greater torque for more accuracy. Wilson also added a 4-hybrid to replace the hard-to-hit long irons. The hybrids and woods  have a graphite fat shaft, while the 4 iron through pitching wedge have a steel fat shaft with oversized heads for more forgiveness. The irons have stainless steel heads along with a wide sole and thick topline. The Wilson Fatshaft V Golf Package Set is aimed at mid to high handicap golfers.


Remember, if you want to have a great golfing experience stick to Wilson Golf Package Sets.


The Golf Store 4u Ltd is firmly established as one of the leading mail order golf package set companies in the country. If you want to know more about golf package sets visit the website linked here.

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